Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Not wordless Wednesday....

Yesterday I learned of a poor mama who lost her four month old baby girl on Friday. She has a blog, and has written all about it. She is such a strong woman...I dont know how she is keeping it will she go on? A perfectly healthy thriving little beautiful princess when dropped off at the sitter...then just...gone...I cant even begin to imagine the pain. My heart is ACHING for this little baby and her family, especially her mama. Its really bothering the point where I'm not going to be on Facebook today cuz thats what everyones posting about. Everyones putting bows in their daughters hair in honor of this baby, cuz thats what the mama is requesting we all do today...I dont think I can...I dont want to be reminded of the awfullness of it everytime I look at my own precious baby girl. Today I will be sad. Why do things like this have to happen?

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