Sunday, January 23, 2011

The introductory post, lol

I Spose I should have done an intro as my first post, but being scatter-brained n all...:)
At any given point during the day, I'm doing a million different the same I'll be lucky to actually have some coherent posts!  I'm 38, might as well call it 40, gah! I have 5 AWESOME kids, ages 14,12, just about 7, 5, and a sweet four month old. My kids and my hubby are my entire life, they make me so happy. We're a homeschooling family, this is our second year, and I cant even explain how wonderful it is to watch my kids grow and thrive, and be happy, and pursue what THEY are interested in! Sooooo, this blog'll be about probably a million different things. I'm passionate about alot, and will probably write about everything that makes!

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