Sunday, January 30, 2011

Nursing in public

I know there's always alot of crap going on in the news or other social media about women nursing their babies in public. Just a glimpse of one of these breast-bashing articles can ruin my whole day. Especially when its a WOMAN who is doing the bashing! (
Why oh why cant breastfeeding just be the "normal" thing to do? I'm not going to go on and on about breasts being sexualized in this country, and women being made to feel ashamed about feeding their babies, because I could go on forever. I'm just very passionate about breastfeeding whenever and wherever I's my RIGHT, and it's my baby's right. If someone doesnt like it...well then dont look! You cant see anything anyways, but my baby's head! If I'm in a restaurant, or in a store, and my babe gets hungry, or just wants to nurse..YES, I will throw the boob in her mouth! Its called PARENTING! I could really care less about anyone else's comfort level, I mean seriously..JUST TURN AWAY! People make breastfeeding in public about themselves, when it is SO the opposite! There is always going to be SOMETHING that SOMEONE isnt comfortable with. People really need to just get over it. AND women who did, or are breastfeeding and believe that you should cover up, or go into the BATHROOM to nurse!!! What is wrong with you people???

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